Governor Newsom Announces Tour To Promote Health Care Proposals

Governor Gavin Newsom is launching a statewide tour to promote his health care proposals. Newsom announced the tour yesterday and met with small business leaders to discuss the proposals. The governor praised the group, who he called the backbone of California’s economy.  One proposal would provide financial assistance to families of four earning up to $150,000 per year. This would make California the first state to offer subsidies to help families who earn up to 600% of the federal poverty line. During the four-city tour, Newsom will focus on five proposals. He’ll be in San Francisco this week:


Newsom says his budget proposal would give monthly discounts to middle-income families buying insurance on the private market, but he would like to see the state move toward a single-payer system to stabilize health care costs. He’ll be holding similar discussions in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles