Alleged Cop Killer Appears In Court, Ends Up On Psychiatric Floor


There’s no plea from alleged cop killer Adel Ramos. Ramos had his first court appearance Tuesday and will return to court on July 22nd. Ramos is accused of gunning down Sacramento police officer Tara O’Sullivan at a home on Redwood Avenue last week during a domestic violence incident. Ramos later surrendered to authorities after a nearly eight-hour standoff. He remains in jail without bail for murder with special circumstances, and for attempted murder. The 45-year-old is also charged with possessing illegal assault rifles.

Ramos had been relocated to the psychiatric floor after he tried to hurt himself. He was rushed to the hospital and treated for a head injury after prison officers saw him banging his head again a bed frame inside his cell. Officers say he was taken to the hospital and returned twelve hours later. After returning, Ramos was moved to the psychiatric floor. There, he will not have contact with other inmates and will be monitored 24/7.