Afterlife Counselor Karen Peterson Taking Calls On-Air Tomorrow!


Karen Peterson, Afterlife Counselor, helps resolves loss through compassionate support, providing tools for clients to help heal themselves in Santa Rosa, CA—“The loss of a loved one is the single most traumatic experience in life and unfortunately, one that we all must go through at one time or another,” notes Karen Peterson, afterlife counselor, and founder of the Karen Peterson’s Life To Lite Support Center, “My goal is to change a negative view of death to a positive view on life, so we can learn why we are here.”

Karen Peterson sets herself apart from other mediums through her caring and compassionate approach to helping those who grieve, resolve loss, find peace and helps the bereaved by using her skills and tools to help clients heal themselves. She enables the healing process by utilizing her special talent in communicating with the afterlife and is a caring helper interested in the positive outcomes of her client meetings and group events.

Peterson also incorporates art into her therapy, providing clients visual aids in order to help them achieve peace so they can open themselves for communication with the afterlife. She has created dozens of “affirmation” cards to help people look for signs in their daily lives that they are loved, are needed, and are being watched by their departed. Karen is the founder of Karen Peterson’s Life to Lite Support Center where she has helped thousands of clients resolve loss since 2000. She offers services to clients in many areas including loss of a loved one, loss of a child, suicide loss, loss of a pet and art workshops as well as teaching classes for those hoping to develop their own gifts.

As a leader in the field of afterlife counseling, Karen has been featured in Positive Press, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and The Upbeat Times, among others. Videos of appearances are available upon request.

Karen will be taking your calls live on-air tomorrow! Call KSRO and speak with Karen between 9:30-10am. We will try to answer as many calls as possible!

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