Missing Palo Alto Couple Found


A Palo Alto couple who went missing in the Marin County community of Inverness more than a week ago are recovering in a hospital after their rescue over the weekend. Carol Kiparksy and Ian Irwin had last been seen on Valentine’s Day when they went out for a hike, leaving all their belongings in their rental cottage. A week long search for the pair became a recovery effort on Friday, but luck changed for search crews Saturday morning when the couple was found alive in some dense woods near Shallow Beach and the couple had to be airlifted out of the area due to the thickness of the brush. 77-year-old Kiparsky and 72-year-old Irwin are recovering from injuries and hypothermia at Marin General Hospital and they released a statement saying they are in good spirits and plan to share their story once they are in better health. Back in Palo Alto, neighbors of the couple are planning a huge welcome home party for their return.