Guitar Manufacturer Begins Making Medical Equipment For Hospitals

ABC News

A Pleasant Hill-based guitar manufacturer who had to close due to coronavirus concerns is now open again and making medical equipment for local hospitals. Thalia Brands usually creates phone cases and guitar accessories, but now they have added a design for an intubation box to protect doctors and nurses from getting the virus while treating patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. Chris Bradley is Thalia Brands’ founder and CEO.  He tells KRON-4 he has brought his 12-person team back in to create the plexiglass boxes that doctors put over a patient when intubating them for a ventilator.  Bradley has established a GoFundMe page to collect donations to build the boxes for hospitals in desperate need of resources.  The first set of boxes has already been sent to Merced’s Mercy Medical Center and more orders are on their way to hospitals and medical facilities both locally and nationwide.