33 Arrests Made On Third Day Of Protesting In Santa Rosa


33 arrests were made yesterday in connection to a third straight day of protests in Downtown Santa Rosa. Protests started around noon in Old Courthouse Square with marches throughout downtown Santa Rosa all day and into the evening. A group of protesters would go onto northbound lanes of Highway 101, south of Steele Lane with CHP arriving arresting 6 there before the rest went back downtown. Last night was the first night of the curfew in Santa Rosa, and another night of unrest downtown. About 300 people peacefully protested and then began the first of two marches to Mendocino Avenue, conducting 9-minute sit-ins along the way. There was a skirmish between a juvenile protester and a driver, who was hit in the head with a skateboard. That juvenile was not found. 6 arrests were made at 5:15, as protesters tried to block Highway 101 near Steele Lane. Several vehicles broke thru barriers at Courthouse Square. At 9pm last night, the group threatened to again block 101 and eventually returned to the Square. Police say bottles were thrown and windows broken along College Avenue. Finally, near 11pm, several officers made 27 arrests on the crowd that refused to disperse: 17 adults and 10 juveniles. The 8pm curfew is in effect today and tomorrow.