National Guard Arrives In Vallejo

National Guard Troops

Hundreds of National Guard troops are patrolling California streets amid protests over the death of George Floyd. Over 24-hundred California National Guard soldiers are helping local law enforcement to crack down on the vandalism and looting that marked the first several days of demonstrations. While most protests have been peaceful, there have been violent confrontations with police in Los Angeles, Sacramento and several San Francisco Bay Area cities. Vallejo city officials say five National Guard vehicles containing 50 personnel are in town to help local law enforcement in locations that are considered high risk. Authorities say about 100 people and 40 cars surrounded the Vallejo Police Department overnight and rocks and bottles were thrown. In one instance, a Molotov cocktail was seen. Vallejo has been hit hard by out-of-town looters who destroyed businesses overnight. Vallejo is under a citywide curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. until further notice.