Bay Area Air Quality Expected To Remain Unhealthy

The air quality across the Bay Area is expected to remain unhealthy. Officials said yesterday you can expect the rest of this week to have unhealthy air quality due to the smoke from wildfires. It may ease up by the end of the week, but the Bay Area Air Quality Management District expects it to remain hazy for the foreseeable future. Meteorologist Eileen Javora:

A late-week weather system could help. It’s expected to bring an increase in humidity, winds, and a chance for thunderstorms in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains. As of this morning, Santa Rosa has the best air in the region, with an AQI of about 75, which is considered acceptable except for particularly sensitive groups. The smoggiest readings are in San Jose, Fremont and Redwood City, which were around 160 this morning. That’s considered unhealthful for some members of the public and for everyone with pre-existing respiratory conditions. The Air District has issued another Spare The Air day, the 29th in a row.