Governor Newsom: Recall is About Politics

Governor Gavin Newsom says the multiple recall efforts against him are more about politics than the ongoing public health crisis. During an interview with KQED Friday, Newsom admitted he’s made mistakes in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but says the calls to replace him are more of an attack on his progressive policies, like his stances on immigration, criminal justice, and the environment. Newsom says he “of course” regrets attending a mask-less dinner with several other people at an upscale Bay Area restaurant last year. He also admits he could have been clearer in communicating the state’s public health restrictions when the outbreak began, and should have prioritized getting vaccines to low-income, hard hit communities right when shots first became available.

Meanwhile, a new poll of California voters shows there is not enough support for the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom to be successful. But the poll is a mixed bag for Newsom. 38% of those polled by Emerson College and Nextar Broadcasting say they are in favor of a recall. 42% say they would keep Newsom in office. When asked if they would support Newsom in a re-election campaign, 58% of respondents said they would support a new candidate, while 41% said they would re-elect Newsom.