Poll: Most Voters Against Newsom Recall

All eyes are on California where voters are about to decide the fate of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. Recent polls show more than 50% of voters are opposed to cutting the Democratic governor’s term short, and Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by more than five-million. Tuesday’s ballot asks voters if they want to recall Newsom and, if so, which of 46 candidates they want to take his place. If more than 50% of voters favor a recall, the candidate with the most votes will be the new governor.

Sonoma County voters will be asked to vote in another recall tomorrow as Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch faces recall. Also, Rohnert Park voters will have an additional question on their ballots, regarding fireworks in the city. All registered voters were sent mail in ballots, which do not require a stamp and can be mailed in, but must be postmarked by tomorrow, September 14th. Ballots can also be dropped off at the Registrar’s office or deposited in ballot drop boxes throughout the County. Polling places will be open tomorrow from 7am to 8pm for in person voting.