Motive Unknown for Unidentified Serial Killer in California

In this undated surveillance image released by the Stockton Police Department, a grainy still image of a “person of interest," dressed all in black and wearing a black cap, who appeared in videos from several of the homicide crime scenes in Stockton. Ballistics tests have linked the fatal shootings of six men and the wounding of one woman in California— all potentially at the hands of a serial killer — in crimes going back more than a year, police said Monday. (Stockton Police Department via AP)

Stockton police believe a suspected serial killer’s motive is “mission oriented.” On Tuesday, Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden described the person as “on a mission,” but admitted investigators don’t know the motive yet. The same person is connected with the deadly shootings of six men and wounding of a woman dating back more than a year. Ballistics tests and video evidence link the series of killings in both Stockton and Oakland. The most recent deadly shooting in Stockton happened September 27th.