Bodega Man Arrested for Threats and Charging at Deputies

A 23-year-old Bodega man has been arrested after making threats and charging at deputies with weapons. Christophe Pochari had sent emails to another person with a protective order against him. In them, Pochari said he had been walking by their home in the early morning hours. In the email, Pochari included photos of himself manipulating firearms. He also described his ability to take a shot at the victim’s home. Deputies went to Pochari’s residence Monday afternoon and Pochari charged at them while wearing a wearing a ballistic helmet and carrying a billy club and a sheathed knife. Fortunately, he stopped walking and dropped the weapons about 25 feet from the deputies. Pochari was arrested and deputies searched his residence. They found two ballistic vest carriers with no panels, a second ballistic helmet, and drawings of assault rifles.