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John Ash Chicken Recipes

 KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN WINGS Serves 4 depending on your appetite Gojujang chile paste is one of the indispensable condiments in the Korean kitchen.  It is made by combining powdered red chili peppers, glutinous rice powder and soybean

Magical Mushrooms

MAGICAL MUSHROOMS (The edible ones) John Ash  (c)  2020 Mushrooms are one of the most interesting foods that we consume. Delicious, deadly, mysterious, intoxicating, enigmatic. Throughout history mushrooms have varying reputations, considered both food and foe. Today

Mushroom Pate

MUSHROOM PATE Makes enough to fill a 3-cup mold or dish The simplicity of this recipe belies its great taste. Traditionally served in a small glass jar with a bail lid. Serve with crisp little croutes, toasts