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The Drive Line-Up – December 1st

It’s the Thursday Drive!  Keeping it a little on the light side as we get close to the end of the week, but still covering the big issues of the day!  Political Commentator Micahel Shure will be

The Drive Line-Up – November 30th

It’s the Wine Wednesday Drive!  Today we’ll be talking with Marcus Ruiz, the main man behind the movement to separate California from the Union, he’ll join us to to describe how it would work.  Plus, lots of

The Drive Line-Up – November 29th

Back live on a Tuesday!  Mixing in some comedy and fun along with all the big topics of the day.  Following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, a new movement has grown in California to leave

The Drive Line-Up – November 28th

We’re back after the long holiday weekend! So much to talk about after the Thanksgiving namely, namely Tweeter-In-Chief Elect Donald Trump back at it again – this time claiming millions of ‘illegal’ votes in the most recent

The Drive Line-Up November 23rd

Last live show before Thanksgiving vacation (our vacation from our vacation…) with another big show to close out the week.  Amaturo Sonoma Media President Michael O’Shea will join us to talk about the passing of a local