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Niche Ranching in the era of COVID-19

Where’s the beef? And for that matter, the chicken, pork and lamb? Thirty-six years after Clara Peller uttered her iconic line in a Wendy’s commercial that became an advertising classic, Americans in the era of COVID-19 were

Up Close with Will Bucquoy

There’s some oft-mentioned advice for those building a photography career: find a niche. Weddings, landscapes, photojournalism or portraits—whatever it is, find a specialty and stay there. Will Bucquoy did not follow that advice. “I’ve shot everything,” he

A Growing Concern

Calaveras County Sheriff’s marijuana enforcement team checked their equipment, tightening up vests, and inspected their guns as they geared up for yet another raid on an unlicensed cannabis grow. The deputies stormed a West Point, Calif., residence

Bricoleur Vineyards

The team at Bricoleur Vineyards created the winery’s moniker from the French word bricoleur, which translates to: “One who starts building something with no clear plan, adding bits here and there, cobbling together a whole, while flying

Victory Garden Revival

During the shelter-in-place order stores are closed, businesses lay empty, and streets have less traffic. However, walk into any farm supply store or nursery—considered essential—and business is beyond booming. Seed supply companies are selling out, and soil

The New Normal

In recent months, the term “new normal,” has frequently graced the lips of politicians, business leaders, consumers, workers, teachers and even children. Since COVID-19 erupted into a pandemic, it seems nothing in life is familiar. For many

Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven

Dining To Go There is something completely intoxicating about Indian food with its mélange of spices and flavors. Over the years, it’s become the go-to takeout choice and a comfort food for my family, despite our Midwest