Ask the Expert: Dr. Walter Tom – Make Your Eyes Sparkle

Dr. Walter Tom of Aesthetic Laser and Centers talks with Robin Berardini about ways to make your eyes sparkle! If you are feeling that your eyes look tired, or angry, or the area below your eyes is looking hollowed out, there are procedures that Dr. Tom and his team can do to bring the light back into your eyes and help you look more open and approachable. Dr. Tom recommends Botox and Dysport as fillers to open and soften the areas around the eyes. Facial fat grafting is a great option to fill in the hollow underneath the eyes, and if you are in more of a hurry for quicker results, EZ PRF Gel is a great way to go for both volume and for improving the look of the skin under your eyes. And finally, Dr. Tom can also help you deal with drooping eyelids using an eyelid surgical lift, also known as blepharoplasty. Be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation to get a customized plan just for you!

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