Canna Help You – Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance and Valhalla Confections

Host Michelle Marques and Joe Sullivan, Leading Expert and Product Manager at Mercy Wellness talk with Austin Fagen, Corporal United States Marine Corps and NorCal Brand Rep & Sales for Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance about veterans and cannabis. Austin shares the story that is sadly common to many veterans – of needing help to treat PTSD, sleep issues, and anxiety. The mission of the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance is to provide the public and veterans with safe access to the highest quality, lab-tested medical cannabis.

We also welcome Brian Scott, Vice President of Edibles Division for Valhalla Confections. Brian talks about the different products available in their line, as well as the challenges Valhalla has faced making its way through the transition to the adult use market. Please send your comments and questions to

Under California law, the sale, distribution, manufacture and cultivation of cannabis by a state licensed operator is legal. However, under federal law these activities remain illegal. Nothing discussed in this program is intended to imply otherwise.

The discussion is not to be construed as medical advice. Any discussion of the potential medical uses and benefits of cannabis or CBD are intended to encourage the listener to discuss those uses with the individual’s medical professional.