Community Spotlight
Julie Atwood founder and director of The Halter Project

Find out what the Halter Project is and what they’re doing to help with animal evacuations, plus some useful tips for evacuating safely during this pandemic for anyone with large or small animals. The Halter Project is a great resource in the Northbay! Looking for a way to help right now?…Find out how you can get involved.
Helpful evacuation links at:…/People%20Packet%20ALL.pdf

Vacation Rental update with Lindsay Darrimon, Sales Director for TurnkeyVR.
Lyndsay has been keeping a close eye on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisor’s recent meetings, moratorium on Vacation Rental permits, and latest decision to cap local vacation rentals.
We’ll also discuss the affects of the fires on the vacation rental market, long term rentals of furnished properties for evacuees or those who are
More info on the county ordinance:…/Vacat…/Vacation-Rental-Permit/
To reach Lindsay Darrimon:
707-543-1970 Direct
(888) 512-0498 24h support
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