On the Wine Road LIVE – Mora Estate

Host Jeff Davis talks with Fabiano Ramichi of Mora Estate about his unique method of winemaking called Amarone style wine. After harvesting and prior to fermentation, grapes are placed on drying racks, stacked and left to dry for 90 to 120 days in a Zen-like environment. This method, known as Appassimento, dates back to ancient Rome. Fabiano hand paints each bottle of wine, an expression of art both inside and outside the bottle!

Find Mora Estate wines at many fine dining restaurants including Single Thread, Atelier Crenn, and The French Laundry. If you want to purchase bottles, you can find them at Bottle Barn, Oliver’s Market, Big John’s Market, and Willibees, among other wine shops.

On the Wine Road LIVE is produced in studio by Michelle Marques. This episode is sponsored by American AgCredit.