Today’s Senior Living with Cogir – Assessment Process

Host Michelle Marques talks with Steve Sarine, Executive Director of Cogir of Rohnert Park, and Ethelia Hines, Regional Nurse for Cogir about the Assessment process. Assisted living is just that: it includes help with things like getting dressed, grooming, meal preparation, managing medications, and other services. When you or your loved ones realize that you need assistance with some of these tasks, it’s a good opportunity to visit senior living facilities to figure out your options.

One of the tools that Cogir and other senior living facilities use is the 602 form, that will assess your needs and health. This form will determine the level of care you need and help you make sure you are in a place that can provide that level of care. You can pick up a 602 form at either Cogir of Sonoma or Cogir of Rohnert Park.

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