Today’s Senior Living with Cogir – Tough Conversations

Host Michelle Marques talks with Stephanie Foster, Director of Sales and Marketing at Cogir Senior Living about the tough conversations you may have when broaching the subject of senior living with a loved one. Whether you as a senior are bringing up the subject with your adult children, or whether your are talking about senior living with your parent, preparing for the conversation can make it easier on everyone.

There is good news! Once you have been able to talk about this new journey, a weight can often be lifted off your shoulders and you can all look forward to the next chapter in life. Stephanie recommends that all adult siblings be on the same page before talking with mom and dad, and definitely do homework in advance by visiting at least a handful of facilities. It’s also good to write down a list of pros and cons about moving to a senior living facility and to think about priorities for what the senior wants and needs.

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