Contest Rules

The following are general contest rules for the radio stations of Amaturo Sonoma Media Group LLC (herein ASM).  These stations include KSRO, KFGY, KVRV, KHTH, KMHX and their respective websites,,, and  These rules shall serve as a basis for determining winners of all games and contests for ASM entities unless otherwise stated by individual contest rules and regulations. In the following, “win” refers to the receiving of any item without compensation.

1. Prizes won on ASM stations are limited to one (1) per household per station within a 30-day period. A contestant is ineligible if they are present or past employees of Sonoma Media Group, and its affiliates and assignees, along with their immediate families and employees of any other radio station. ASM reserves the right to revoke any prize if the contestant does not meet the eligibility requirements.

2. Contestants must be eighteen (18) years or older unless otherwise announced. 

3. Prizes are non transferable.

4. A winner of a prize valued over $600 must wait one (1) year before being eligible for another prize valued over $600.

5. No substitution or other consideration will be offered instead of the stated prize. All items won from any of the five stations must be claimed within thirty (30) days of winning.

6. If prizes are not claimed within the stated period of time, the winner waves their right to the prize and the prize reverts to the possession of ASM.

7. Winners are responsible for appropriate taxes and fees associated with the winning of any prize.

8. Official photo ID is required to claim any prize. If the prize is cash of more than $100 in value, additional personal information such as your social security number and address is also required.

9. A 1099 MISC form will be completed and filed with the IRS for every prize or accumulation of $600 or more. All local, state and federal taxes, license and fees are the sole responsibility of the winner.

10. ASM is not responsible for problems with any telephone system, which may either inhibit or increase the chances of winning.  If a contestant is disconnected during a contest using the telephone before the contestant’s correct name, phone number, and response are recorded they will be instantly disqualified from the contest without compensation. The following sequential caller shall be given the opportunity to win.

11. ASM is not responsible for problems with any internet or electronic connection system, which may either inhibit or increase the chances of winning.  If a contestant experiences connectivity issues during a contest, ASM reserves the right to disregard the contestant’s entry and move on to a subsequent contestant.

12. Winners may be required to sign a release. All winners agree to allow ASM to use their name, voice and/or likeness, portrait, and biographical information for promotional purposes without further compensation. All incoming telephone calls to ASM stations may be recorded and may be aired on the station without restriction and without further approval.

13. By winning any items from Amaturo Sonoma Media, the winner and the user of the item(s) releases ASM from any responsibility to any incident related to the use of the item(s). Incidents include (but are not limited to) cancellation or alteration of event, expiration of item, bodily injury or death.

14. Prizes cannot be sold under any circumstances. 

15. Additional rules pertaining to other station contest(s) may not supersede these rules.

16. ASM reserves the right to add, delete and/or alter rules at any time.

17. ASM reserves the right to cancel any contest at any time.

18.  All prizes must be picked up in-person at the ASM studios unless otherwise noted.  In the rare event that a prize is sent by mail to a contestant, ASM is not responsible for the loss of that prize by the post office or other delivery service.

19. Disputes regarding these rules will be settled by the President of Amaturo Sonoma Media.  All decisions are final.

20. By entering a contest, participants agree to abide by these rules.

A printed version of these contest rules are available at:

Amaturo Sonoma Media
1410 Neotomas Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Rosa, CA. 95405
(707) 543-0100
Open weekdays 8am-5pm