Ask The Expert: Mike Kelly's Real Estate Hour with Allison Norman

GUEST: Keith T. Becker of Dede’s Rentals

2020 rang in a slew of new laws affecting the rental market. It’s a lot of new information… a little like drinking from a fire hose. We’ll help you through it. We’re discussing California’s alphabet soup of


New Year’s Goals (Like Buying a New House)…2020 New Laws…Looking back at the year…


Reliving Mike and his love for the Christmas Story

GUEST: David Guhin, City of Santa Rosa Assistant City Manager

What’s happening in 2020? New Building Code, New Electric Only Reach Codes, Homelessness, Coffey Park, Fountain Grove rebuild, Anti-Gouging, Joe Rodota Trail, City Planning, etc! For general rebuilding permit information, staff may be reached in


A look at the current market. November numbers are in. FHA Lone Limits Flood insurance, what you need to know.