Ask The Expert: The Real Estate Hour With Mike Kelly

George Adair Fills in For Mike

George is a Loan Officer for Bay Equity Home Loans.  George also has his own show On Air With George Adair…Wednesday at noon. He also has a guest Keith Becker Owner of Dede’s Rentals talking Prop 10

September 16th

Interest rates…September Sales…Yes On Prop 5

9/10 from 9-10

August Sales…Home Price Listings and how to say Sesquicentennial

It Is September

Which mean College Football and the blowout specials.   Oh and some Real Estate news too.

Guest Host: Keith Becker…GM Dee Dee Rentals

The Guest Host has a guest: Michelle Zyromski Attorney talking Tenant and Landlord Law

August 19th

How Million Dollar Homes are rolling


Relationship between the fire and lots for sale…How to work with tenants and visa-versa

Guest: Keith Becker

Keith is the Broker/President of DeDe’s Rentals and the discussion involves Rent Control, the Rent Market, Property Management

Ending July

Rent Control Ballot Update…Selling Homes that you Inherit

Bee Sting Alert

Also Real Estate about Rent Control, Million Dollar Market Comparison and Home Sales