Good Food Hour/Harvest Fair Sweepstakes Winners

Join us this Saturday..September 26 on the KSRO GOOD FOOD HOUR as we salute the SWEEPSTAKES winners.

Although the Sonoma County Harvest Fair was cancelled this year..the professional Food and Olive Oil Competition did take place..and the winner in the ‘Specialty Bread’ category was Wooden Petal Pretzels….Clare Hulme..the guiding light behind this new Santa Rosa specialty shop will be bringing in a hot from the oven pretzel variety pack for us to sample… of you will win your own Box of Pretzels!

Sonoma County produces some of the best olive oils in the country….Master Miller Mary Louise Bucher and her family own DRY CREEK OLIVE COMPANY in Healdsburg…They’re the winner of the SWEEPSTAKES Award at this years competition….Mary Louise…along with Chef John Ash will guide us through a tasting of their olive oils…and learn what farming challenges they face producing these golden drops of oil….Chef Ash will give us suggestions on how to highlight each of the oils in our cooking.

The Harvest Fair Dessert Competition is always a close race..Winning the SWEEPSTAKES this year is Bert Smith of Bert’s Desserts in Petaluma..With over 20 years experience as a confectioner and baker..she is wildly creative and daring..Judges were wowed by her Raspberry Nanaimo Bars with Roasted Almonds and her Milk Chocolate Scrunch Bars(a riff on the Willy Wonka Bar)….We’ll taste’s gong to be fun!.

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