Three Robbers Arrested After Chase on Highway 101 in Sonoma County

Robbers arrest after chase from Santa Rosa to Petaluma 3-30-23 (Santa Rosa Police)

Three robbers have been arrested after a high speed pursuit from Santa Rosa to Petaluma. It began last night when three black men robbed the Safeway on Yulupa Avenue and fled in a black sedan. A high speed chase followed when the sedan turned onto Highway 101 from Highway 12 headed southbound. The chase went on for several miles and exceeded 100 miles per hour speeds. It ended after the sedan ran over spike strips and police were able to take the three men into custody. Inside the vehicle, police found stolen merchandise from the Safeway and other store burglaries from earlier in the evening. They also recovered a backpack that was abandoned during the pursuit. Inside was a 40 caliber “Glock” handgun with a 30 round magazine and ammunition.