Ask the Expert: Dr. Walter Tom – Procedures for Newbies

Dr. Walter Tom of Aesthetic Laser and Centers talks with Robin Berardini and his new Nurse Practitioner Sophia about procedures that are good for those just starting cosmetic treatments. First up is the old standby: Botox. It is a great tool that can soften frown lines and open up the area around the eyes to give you a more welcoming, friendly look. Sophia also shares how she used Botox to help deal with a teeth grinding issue, injecting Botox in the lower jaw area to relax the muscles. Next, a hydrofacial is always a great idea to deep clean and refresh the skin, and finally, try microneedling to infuse the skin with platelet rich plasma and encourage the production of collagen. Microneedling with PRP can help give you a glow that you haven’t seen for years!

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