Fire Ready North Bay – Cyndi Foreman, Division Chief/Fire Marshal at the Sonoma County Fire District

Host Michelle Marques talks with Cyndi Foreman, Division Chief/Fire Marshal for the Sonoma County Fire District about steps you can take to protect your property ahead of fire season. Michelle and Cyndi talk about the tragic devastation in Colorado after the Marshall Fire burned more than a thousand homes on December 30, as hurricane strength winds pushed embers into residential neighborhoods. The results of the wildfire are sadly something we know far too well here in Sonoma County.

Foreman strongly recommends taking time now to create 5 feet of space in the immediate area around your home to help reduce the risk of embers catching your property on fire. She also recommends that those who live in the Wildland Urban Interface contact their local fire department to learn about and get help with burn permits and other vegetation abatement measures.

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