On the Wine Road LIVE – Greg La Follette

Host Jeff Davis talks with legendary winemaker Greg La Follette about his past projects and work, as well as his brand new efforts with two new labels. Follette was working on his own label, Alquimista Cellars when the coronavirus shut nearly everything down. Follette decided to pivot to a lower price point for his next project, GLF Wines. He is still using some of the best grapes from vineyard relationships that are decades long. And finally, Follette says he decided to create another label called Marchelle Wines that focuses solely on old vine wines – the youngest are 70-year-old vines!

There are still bottles of Alquimista Cellars available here.

Click here to find out more about GLF Wines, and you can purchase old vine wines from the Marchelle Wines label by clicking here.

On the Wine Road LIVE is produced in studio by Michelle Marques. This episode is sponsored by American AgCredit.