Today’s Senior Living with Cogir – Why Move In Now?

Host Michelle Marques talks with Steve Sarine, Executive Director of Cogir of Rohnert Park and Matt Horstmann, Executive Director of Cogir of Sonoma about the advantages of moving in now, before the holidays, and get settled into your new community! The holiday season is typically when families gather and that is when adult children start to notice a decline in mom or dad’s health. There is generally a bigger influx of new residents around the holidays. Why wait until things have gotten to a tipping point to move into senior living? At a senior living facility like Cogir, residents can leave cooking, cleaning, and organizing medications to the attentive staff, and instead focus on things they like to do! And moving in before the holidays means mom or dad will have a chance to settle in, get to know neighbors and staff, and be ready to welcome family to enjoy the holidays at Cogir.

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