Garden Talk

Garden Talk – August 18th

From The Gravenstein Fair…Hour Two

Apple talk including Fritters and calls about Fig Tree and Strawberries

From the Gravenstein Apple Fair…Hour One

Farmers Market Update, Butternut Squash and Compost Talk

Hour Two…At The Fair

Virtual Tour of the Flower Show and phone calls

From the Fair….Hour One

Farmers Market Report…Sunflower…Citrus Tree

Garden Talk – July 21st, 2018

With guest gardener Tonea Parlo


Sonoma Marin Fair…Hour Two..

Peter Noah—Butterfly Adventure and a 11 year old chicken farmer and gardner

Hour No. 1…From the Sonoma Marin County Fair

Phone calls and also Fair Board CEO Allison Kearney drops by…

Garden Talk – June 2nd, 2018