The Good Food Hour takes a bite out of the mysteries of cooking and offers easy tips that everyone can use! Chef John Ash is a legendary chef, author and culinary educator. Many refer to him as ‘The Father of Wine Country Cuisine’. He and host Steve Garner were “foodies” before someone knew to call them that! The Good Food Hour has been part of KSRO since 1987.

Good Food Hour

Good Food Hour – March 9th, 2019

“The Bagel Roundtable”

Good Food Hour – March 2nd, 2019

Guest: Dennis Tussey (Sweet T’s Restaurant)  

Good Food Hour – February 23rd, 2019

Guest: Dr. Michael Roizen & Dr. Michael Crupain (Co-Authors: “What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life Through Food”)

From Citrus Fair

Wine talk and Lemons from Carla DeLuca calling from Australia…


Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association President Grant Crandall and Competition Chairman Dave Barber are guests.