Santa Rosa Police Arrest Drug Dealer with Substance Possibly More Dangerous Than Fenatnyl

Items confiscated from Alvaro Sanchez-Valencia and Sonia Cardenas-Sandoval (Santa Rosa Police)

A potentially more dangerous drug than Fentanyl was recovered by Santa Rosa police. Detectives began a drug trafficking investigation in December, during which they identified 46-year-old Alvaro Sanchez-Valencia as someone selling meth and fentanyl in the area. Police executed search warrants on his residence and vehicle, and detained Sanchez-Valencia as well as his roommate, 42-year-old Sonia Cardenas-Sandoval. Officers searched the residence on Cleveland Avenue and found 1.5 ounces of suspected Isotonitazene or ISO as well as 8 ounces of meth, packaging materials, a digital scale, and about $1900. ISO is a synthetic opioid that is believed to be more potent than fentanyl and it is believed Naloxone (Narcan) does not have an effect on it or may require multiple doses of Narcan to have an effect. Sanchez-Valencia and Cardenas-Sandoval were arrested and charged with possession of narcotics and a controlled susbtance for sale.