Canna Help You – Brandon Levine, Founder of Mercy Wellness

Host Michelle Marques and Joe Sullivan, Leading Expert and Product Manager at Mercy Wellness are joined by Brandon Levine, Founder and CEO of Mercy Wellness, and Owen Guyan, Operations Team and Producer of the Canna Help You show. Cannabis dispensaries have been deemed essential businesses during the shelter in place orders. Brandon, Joe, and Owen share details on how Mercy Wellness has adapted to serving the community during the COVID-19 health crisis, including delivery options and a curbside pick up. To learn more, visit

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Under California law, the sale, distribution, manufacture and cultivation of cannabis by a state licensed operator is legal. However, under federal law these activities remain illegal. Nothing discussed in this program is intended to imply otherwise.

The discussion is not to be construed as medical advice. Any discussion of the potential medical uses and benefits of cannabis or CBD are intended to encourage the listener to discuss those uses with the individual’s medical professional.