Good Food Hour – Author Dorothy Kalins and Mariposa Ice Creamery

It’s the start of the Fall cookbook releases…which means we’ve been flipping through lot’s of new titles to share some of the most evocative writing on food from around the world. Dorothy Kalins was the founding editor-in-chef of Saveur of the best food magazines ever published plus she’s collaborated on numerous award winning cookbooks…In her first solo outing she pays tribute to those from whom she’s learned and why these cooks have stayed with her over the years…We’ll talk with Dorothy about ‘THE KITCHEN WHISPERERS: Cooking with the Wisdom of Friends

The 2021 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Professional Food Judging Competition released the ‘BEST OF’ winners this week…Everything from appetizers, breads, deli, sauces to desserts…and it’s always a surprise when a newcomer takes home the top prize…Pilar Bernard… ‘chief churner’ of Petaluma based Mariposa Ice Creamery entered this years competition going ‘spoon to spoon’ against 35 other ice creams and walked away with the title.. ‘BEST ICE CREAM OF THE SHOW’.. Pilar will join us to talk about her incredible calling to ice cream…sample some top flavors….and reveal the only place in Sonoma County to find her ice cream!

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