Wineries Battle The Coronavirus Blues

On this show from 4/18 I presented a number of ways wineries are offering wine discounts, shipping specials and virtual tastings. These were just a handful of the options many wineries are offering. For the full list that you’ll hear in this recording you can visit

The show also included an interview with Jackson Family Wines‘ Ben Fine about the incredible industry access they’re offering through  It grants you access to a large number of their brands and wine.

Aida Parsa of Spring Mountain Vineyard explains the two-way virtual tastings they’re offering. You make an appointment then Aida takes you through the 3 or 4 wines. She explains the process.

I hope this helps, in at least a small way, to maintain your sanity by keeping you supplied with some of Northern California, and Oregon’s, fantastic wine during this sobering pandemic. I wish you good health and peace of mind!