My 7th Anniversary Celebration

On this show from October 17th, I took a fond look, or listen, back to a number of interviews featuring interesting, humorus, people in the wine industry, and those who pass through from time to time. I’ll talk with vintners from family run wineries like Ben Papapietro of Papapietro Perry, Helen Bacigalupi of Bacigalupi Vineyards, the son of political humorist Pat Paulsen, Monty Paulsen – we can use some more political humor, another radio show host Judd FIinklestein of Judd’s Hill, a clown we’re all familiar with, Squire Fridell of Glen Lyon who used to be Ronald McDonald, cult wine maker Heidi Barrett of Screaming Eagle, and Ted Henry of Clos du Val, and a couple of musicians, Graham Nash of CSN, and Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters. All of that was jam packed into my one hour show. However, you get to hear it without commercials breaks, other than my sponsors ads, so it runs just 43 minutes. I hope you enjoy this look back.