Dry Creek Vineyard & T.P. Reserve Wines

My first guest on this show was David Stare, the founder of Dry Creek Vineyard. You may recall hearing that with the support of the Friends of Sonoma County Wine Library, I started recording Oral Histories again. It’s an important project that preserves the history of those who contributed to the world class reputation of the Sonoma County wine industry. We tape these interviews on video now so these Visual Oral Histories sound a bit different than my usual radio interviews. As only the second winery to open in Sonoma County following Prohibition, and still in operation, Dave was an ideal choice for a Visual Oral  History. Additionally, Dry Creek Vineyard is just two years away from celebrating their 50th Annivesary.

My second guest was winemaker Grant Long Jr. of a timely brand called T.P. Reserve Wine. He also owns Aonair Wine and Reverie Vineyard and Winery in Napa Valley. He was brought to my attention last week because of his response to covid challenges and their whimsical look at a problem most of us were experiencing. But his thoughtful, even sustainable business mindset is highly respectable. So there were two good reasons to have Grant Long on my show.

By the way, you’ll hear me reference a video Grant and his team produced. It’s short and rather humorous. As you’ll see, they put in quite an impressive effort to put a smile on our faces during these unfortunate times.  You can find it here. https://youtu.be/r2KpFjLS7xA