Good Food Hour – June 6 – Cosmic Crisp Apple Revisited, Grilling Recipes, and Rhubarb with Tinky Wiesblat

Hosts Steve Garner and Chef John Ash talk with Washington State horticulturalist Bruce Barritt about the Cosmic Crisp apple, which Bruce spent 20 years and 10 million dollars developing with his team at Washington State University. Steve and John tried the apple on air with Bruce in January 2020. During the tasting Bruce mentioned that the apple was developed to remain fresh for 10 months…We’ve kept our sample ‘Cosmics’ refrigerated and now we’ve reached the 5 month point, and it’s time to retaste!

As a kid Chef John Ash grew up grilling trout with his grandparents. In this next segment he introduces us to the techniques of both grilling and barbecuing: from grilled fresh spring fava beans(really!), cider-brined pork tenderloin, to grilled fruits with ginger custard sauce. His summer menu will have you primed to get outside and start the weekend! Click here to view the recipes.

June 9 is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! To celebrate we invited New England writer/chanteuse and doctorate in American studies ‘Tinky’ Weisblat to the show. Her new book is ‘Love, Laughter, and Rhubarb’ …filled with witty historical essays… this wildly enthusiastic book (she named her cat Rhubarb!) features over 60 delicious recipes.