Zeitgeist Cellars Assist. Winemaker, Mike Tracy

On this show from April 11th, I break from the norm a little bit. You’ve heard me talk with winemakers and winery owners fairly often but today I chat with Assistant Winemaker Mike Tracy. How much does an assistant contribute to the overall product? Quite a bit as you’ll hear.

Mike and I hit it off during a wine industry party in February. When he told me of his situation working with 4 premium wine brands in Napa Valley as an assistant winemaker, it intrigued me. Under the tutelage of winemaking husband and wife team, Mark Porembski & Jennifer Williams, they share various duties among Mark and Jenn’s own brand Zeitgeist Cellars, as well as Anomaly Vineyards, Arrow and Branch, and Ziata Wines.

Whether your familiar with any of these names or wineries I think you’ll find this interview interesting from a young guy who has a long, successful career ahead of him.

Thanks for joining us On The Wine Road.