At The Table

At The Table Podcast – Marlena Spieler

On this episode of At the Table, Clark is joined by food writer of more than 70 cookbooks, Marlena Spieler. Marlena formerly contributed for the Bon Appétit, Saveur and for the San Francisco Chronicle award-winning food column

At the Table – Dr. Marion Nestle

Clark Wolf talks with Dr. Marion Nestle about her new book “Unsavory Truth: How the Food Industry Skews the Science of What We Eat” – learn more on Dr. Nestle’s website,

At the Table – Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Clark Wolf talks with Susan Westmoreland about the new edition of the Good Housekeeping Cookbook.

At the Table – Farm Trails with Carmen Snyder

Clark Wolf talks to Carmen Snyder of Farm Trails. Head out for the Weekend Along the Farm Trails, October 13 and 14th!

At The Table – Gerard’s Paella

Clark Wolf talks with Sherry Huss and Gerard Nebesky of Gerard’s Paella. Check them out at the Sonoma Vita festival and at their restaurant Gerard’s Paella y Tapas on 4th and D Streets in Santa Rosa.